Ashley June Moore

life-long learner | lover of words | student of the Word



We mourn for sons yet unborn
And for daughters whose greatness would fill volumes
Were it not for the pages that have been torn
Our souls ache
From the agony of dreams too long deferred
From the pain of being dismissed, overlooked, and unheard

…are tired.

Worn out from the weight of history repeated
Jim Crow, steel bars, and Black bodies defeated
So we protest
With our hands up
Speak out
And stand up
Just us seeking justice
To bring every woman, man, and child up

The cries of a people
Whose backs bear scars that run as deep
As our bloodlines
A commodified culture
Auctioned off to the highest bidder
We can’t afford to forget
We MUST remember
And reclaim our collective consciousness
As we attempt to control the narrative
And insist that recognizing our dignity and worth
Is not an option,
But an imperative

So with heads held high
And unapologetic persistence
We will march on
And lift our voices
In active resistance
Inviting others to journey with us
‘Cause it feels like
If you’re not for us,
You’re against us
And silence speaks volumes
So reject apathy and fear
Because lives are on the line
Join the movement
This kairos moment
A historic
Appointed time.